Björk has released the new video of Fossora

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Björk, flanked by a colorful clarinet sextet and Dj Kasimyn against a backdrop of psychedelic spores, sings the single Fossora In the video clip of the title track of the last album recorded in the studio and released last September. The Icelandic musician, who contributed to the making of the video, will present her tenth album live and the successes of her repertoire in the Italian concerts at the Mediolanum Forum in Milan (September 12) and at the Unipol Arena in Bologna (September 23) six years after release of the previous album Utopia and from the last exhibition at the Baths of Caracalla in Rome.


As stated in an interview with Sky TG24 with the album Fossorawhich ranges between punk, noise, electronica and hardcore sounds, the visionary and futuristic Björk intended “create a true sound world” For “demonstrate the authenticity of my roots, or what I am”. The artist wrote the record during the pandemic, “when we’ve been stuck at home for years, in our own neighborhoods, and going back to one’s roots has never felt stronger. Just like going out with friends, family and enjoying your country, habits and so on to the fullest. So yeah, this album is really about the pleasure of staying home, love and realizing that everything you need is right next to you”. With Fossoraanticipated by individuals Atopos, Ovule And ancestress and arrived five years after the “creation made in the clouds” Utopia, Björk intended “to come back down to earth, feel the force of gravity” in a continuous musical experimentation: “I think that, as a singer and songwriter, it is important to be honest about what you are experiencing and facing. Life goes on with all the changes whether you like it or not. You can try to control them, but that’s almost never possible.”