Björk in concert in Milan and Bologna: dates and pre-sales start

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Bjork returns to Italy with two great appointments after five years of absence. The artist will be the September 12th to the Mediolanum Forum in Milan and the September 23rd atUnipol Arena Of Bologna, to electrify your audience with an immersive show. The two Italian dates are part of the European tour Cornucopiawhich will start on 1 September from Lisbon. Starting give her 9 o’clock Of Wednesday February 1sttickets will be available presale for registered users My Live Nation. To access the presale, just register for free on There general sale of tickets will open at 9 am on Friday 3 February on, And

Bjork announced arena tour Cornucopia, which will start in Lisbon, Portugal in September. Based on Björk’s latest album Utopia, Cornucopia debuted as a performance in his artist residency at The Shed in New York to stellar reviews. Rolling Stone called it “a cutting-edge sound and image show”. The new Cornucopia puts on a show reworked to include songs from his album Fossoracurrently Grammy-nominated: “Cornucopia has always been understood as one world, both for ‘Utopia’ and the newly released album ‘Fossora.’ ‘Europe’, comments Björk. Cornucopia includes digital images created by media artists Tobias Gremmler, Andy Huang, Nick Knight, M/M, stage design by Chiara Stephenson, the seven Viibra flautists, clarinetist, a harpist, percussion, electronics and a host of bespoke instruments implemented in the innovative stage surround sound system including a custom reverb chamber.