Black Doves, Keira Knightley will star in the upcoming Netflix series

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It has just been announced by the US magazine variety that Keira Knightley will star in Black Doves, the new television series made for Netflix. It is a show produced by Sister, the studio behind the hit TV series Chernobyl. Black Doves is written, created and produced by Joe Barton (Turns / Haji – Duty / Shame). She will also see Keira Knightley as executive producer.

Keira Knightley then returns to devote himself to thrillers, but this time no longer on the big screen but on the small screen.
As an actress, she will play the protagonist: Helen, a woman who begins a passionate and passionate love story with a man who is unaware of her true identity (which we won’t spoil, however it is a secret identity).
When he gets involved in the London criminal underworld, Sam comes to protect Helen.
Joe Barton is creator and producer of the series. The show will be produced by Joe Barton’s production company, Noisy Bear and Sister. Barton and Keira Knightley will executive produce along with Jane Featherstone and Chris Fry for Sister.

It is “the story of two old friends who get back together”

Black Doves is the story of two old friends who get back together, relying on each other in a world where trust can kill you and, ultimately, change the course of each other’s lives forever. broadcast by Netflix.

Keira Knightley is back from the success of the film The Boston Stranglerwhich reconstructs the investigation into the identity of the serial killer who terrorized the American city for decades.
There are also several rumors in the air about a possible future return of Knightley in the saga of Pirates of the Caribbeanalthough the actress declined to comment personally i rumorsdispelling the doubts of the fans: she says she will not return to take on the role of a pirate.