Black Friday, Italians anticipate Christmas gifts: the survey

Coldiretti-Ixè: expenditure rises to 5.3 billion

Spending by Italians on Black Friday rises to 5.3 billion euros with over four out of ten citizens (43%) of those who buy Christmas gifts, who anticipate the purchase of gifts to put under the Christmas tree a month or more, also taking advantage of the week dedicated to discounts. This is what emerges from the Coldiretti/Ixe’ analysis which highlights the effect of high bills linked to the energy crisis on consumption choices with the rush to go shopping on ‘Black Friday’. One way to take advantage of the cheaper prices – notes Coldiretti – offered by e-commerce sites and traditional shops in the form of special offers or to avoid having to face the long lines that characterize the highlight of holiday shopping.

Overall spending for the entire promotional period amounts to 169 euros per person, according to Coldiretti/Ixe’, albeit with notable differences. If the absolute majority of those who make purchases (51%) keep the budget below the threshold of 100 euros, another 27% will reach up to 200 euros and a further 7% will go up to 300 euros and 8% up to 500 euros. But there is also a 5% of “paperoni” who will reach up to 1,000 euros. Among the preferred purchasing channels, online wins, but there is also a recovery of traditional shops, the most penalized by the two years of the pandemic.

The economic crisis linked to the effects of the war in Ukraine gives a push towards useful gifts and within the family, relatives and friends it is preferable to choose objects or services that could not be accessed during the year. The list of the most popular products includes technology, clothing, beauty products and once again this year food and wine.