Black Friday: Udicon, ‘watch out for online scams and inflated prices in the shop window’

“Consumers are increasingly frightened by the economic and social context that has changed their consumption habits and over 30% will give up on purchases during the Black Friday week. The expected average expenditure of each buyer has dropped: half of Italians have already decided that he will spend a lot less money than last year because he doesn’t believe it’s really an opportunity to save”. This was stated in a note by the Extraordinary Commissioner of Udicon, Martina Donini.

“Many users will take advantage of the opportunities to anticipate Christmas gifts, but we also know that this year there will be fewer discounts, fewer opportunities and fewer offers due to generalized price increases. For this reason, it is absolutely necessary to keep prices under control, both in the shop window and online, and proceed with purchases with caution to avoid scams. This Black Friday could prove to be the least convenient time to buy”, continues Donini.

“We advise consumers to be patient and pay close attention to the prices of the items on sale for the occasion. It is advisable to make sure that you proceed with your purchases in total safety”, concludes Donini.