Black lobby investigation, Fidanza: “I will prove that there has been no corruption”

The Fdi-Ecr MEP: “I continue to have faith in the judiciary”

“I’m sorry that, a few hours after the filing request for the non-existent ‘black lobby’, there is a new provision from the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office that concerns me. I am naturally available and I continue to have faith in the judiciary. My lawyer has already requested the investigation file”. This was stated by the Fdi-Ecr MEP Charles Fidanza.

“The recent case that involved me has demonstrated once again how wrong media processes are even in the presence of recorded images, even more so if messages are extrapolated out of context. With the same serenity that has characterized me over the past fifteen months, “I will demonstrate that there has been no corruption and certainly no improper use of public resources. I will ask to be heard by the prosecutors to definitively clarify the alleged crimes and demonstrate their absolute inconsistency”, concludes Fidanza.