Black lobby investigation, prosecutor Milan: suspicions about Fidanza and others but no proof

Storage request. Girlfriend: “I emerge with my head held high”

“We must conclude in the sense of the non-existence of the hypotheses of crime formulated because the investigations carried out did not reveal elements capable of confirming what emerged from the videos that gave rise to the proceeding”. This is the conclusion reached by the deputy prosecutor of Milan Giovanni Polizzi in the request for dismissal for the ‘Black Lobby’ investigation born from a journalistic investigation by Fanpage. At the center of the story – eight suspects in all accused, for various reasons, of illegal financing and money laundering – there are two members of the Brothers of Italy including the then MEP Carlo Fidanza and the municipal councilor of FdI Chiara Valcepina, and Northern League MEP Angelo Ciocca.

“The statements of Roberto Jonghi Lavarini and Carlo Fidanza on the money laundering system and illicit party financing have not found confirmation in the investigations carried out on the activity of the accountant Mauro Antonio Rotunno, who, according to the two, should have had a key role. It would seem therefore it was a future project that was still in an initial phase when the criminal investigations took over”, reads the six-page provision sent to the investigating judge.

“Even if Jonghi Lavarini affirmed, in one of the videos, that it is a system that has already been used, it must be acknowledged that no confirmation of this has been found. Although elements have emerged which lead to the suspicion of recourse to illicit financing – the statements of the suspects recorded by the videos and the delivery of the suitcase that was supposed to contain the money – the results of the investigations have not returned converging and conclusive findings to the point of allowing the accusation to be supported in court”.

ENGAGEMENT – “After the advances of a few weeks ago, the Milan prosecutor’s office officially requested the dismissal for me and the other suspects in the investigation into the so-called and non-existent ‘black lobby’. Obviously I never doubted that it would end like this, but today finally I emerge head-on from that shameful mountain of media mud”. Fidanza thus comments, via social media, on the decision of the Milanese prosecutor.

“Thanks to those who have been close to me and have put up with me in these long fifteen months, thanks to you who have never stopped supporting me… and thanks also to those who thought they were sinking me and instead made me a stronger and more aware man. He will come back useful to continue the good fight” he concludes.