Black lobby investigation, Valcepina: “My extraneousness has emerged, now I run for Lombardy”

Interview with the city councilor of Milan for which the Milan prosecutor’s office has requested the archiving. After the “pain and mud” she is ready to be elected in the Region


And someone who reads the provision sees my total extraneousness:
in six pages my name never appears. I have always had faith in the judiciary and in the seriousness of the Milan prosecutor’s office. At the beginning my name was not even mentioned among the suspects, because it was immediately clear that I had nothing to do with it”. He tells Adnkronos Clare Valcepinacity councilor of Milan and candidate for FdI in the next regional ones in Lombardy, who breathes again in the aftermath of the filing request signed by the Milan prosecutor’s office for the so-called black lobby. She, together with MEP Carlo Fidanza and six other people, was under investigation for illegal party financing and money laundering.

An investigation that was born from a Fanpage journalist-infiltrator who resumes appointments of the electoral campaign and tries to reveal the existence of illicit financing. “When I saw the television service I was out of breath, even today I struggle to see those images broadcast by Piazzapulita. I was absolutely serene and calm that I hadn’t done anything, but when I saw those cut and sew, that partisan construction, those forcing phrases that may be inappropriate but goliardic, I wondered why it was decided not to inform but to make a rubbish video that hurt me and did it to my family” explains the political exponent concerning his lawyers Angelo Pariani and Raffaele Della Valle “wonderful people whose experience and humanity have been fundamental”.

“They turned me into a monster, but I have another story: I’m a lawyer, I’m a professional, I was a councilor of the Milan Bar Association, I have been involved in forensic politics with self-sacrifice, I’ve written books. On my first descent into the field, I found myself the victim of a media system built and broadcast two days after the vote”.

A journalistic investigation which later became an investigation by the judiciary now on a dead end, but with “enormous damage from a personal and political point of view. My family has remained close to me, as have my true friends. I have lived months with my heart in throat and for 15 days I had journalists on the case. It is unacceptable that the first time I am a candidate in Milan for the city council after a career of correctness in the lawyer I should be tormented for nothing. I am happy that finally my extraneousness be there to read, the rest are assessments that I will make with a clear mind after the regionals because this country deserves a different journalism”. Pain and mud of which scars still live, but which do not stop Chiara Valcepina ready to be elected in Lombardy.

“Before my debut in the city council I was also challenged and attacked by the mayor Giuseppe Sala, but I kept my head held high: I am a respectable person who has shown that he has nothing to hide or to be ashamed of and Sala immediately changed his mind At Palazzo Marino I worked hard demonstrating my content and my values, which is why I accepted the candidacy for the race for the regional elections and I am convinced that I want to carry on my ideas and my political honesty. It is important for the centre-right to support Fontana, who did a good job in particular and difficult years, and I want to show who I am again, help the party by making my skills available”, explains the exponent of the Brothers of Italy.

Not a light-hearted choice, but one that was well thought out starting last November after the new center-right government took office. “The black lobby investigation turned my life upside down, but it also damaged the Brothers of Italy and Giorgia Meloni. I had the honor of knowing her and she proved to be a great woman who understood everything about me, she said to me with a joke ‘I already know you'”. The electoral campaign promises to be worthy of appointments, but Chiara Valcepina warns : “This story taught me to watch my back, now I’m more attentive to who’s next to me”.