Blackbeard 2023, a 12-month journey in harmony with nature and with time

Punctual as always for at least 261 years, theAlmanacco Barbanera from 22 October returns to all newsstands and bookstores in Italy, together with the lunar calendar that comes out this year both in a classic version and in a Braille version with multimedia contents. Month after month throughout 2023, Blackbeard will accompany its readers with many practical tips for the home, the vegetable garden, the garden and the good daily life, following the seasons and the phases of the moon: simple and tasty recipes in the kitchen, remedies natural for the well-being of mind and body, suggestions against waste and brief insights into civil life, the needs for sharing and participation and the need to “stay in time” without being overwhelmed by events but seeking a harmonious and conscious balance every day with the world around us.

Between news of the 2023 editiona different way of storytelling, more narrative and closer to the reader, a more essential graphic design that enhances the poetic illustrations, a new approach to cooking, with easy to make seasonal and traditional recipesone renewed attention to the themes of recycling and energy saving, and also a wider space for scientific curiosities and free time to invest in relationships, in sharing common spaces and dreams, in taking care of ourselves and those we love. The dialogues between the philosopher Blackbeard and his friend Silvano at the opening of each month are then even richer in food for thought to overcome together, with irony and a vague fatalism, the inevitable contradictions of existence. The whole Almanac gets even closer to everyday life, thank you to a single narrative voice that seems to meet the reader’s listening and renewal needs: it is not the learned sage who speaks, but Blackbeard the friend, the travel companion who offers us all the tools to build a more intimate awareness of our place in the world and who helps us to face the complexity and the ever increasing complexity with a smile. rapid change of things. With optimism, cultivating wonder, curiosity and intelligence.

This year then the Blackbeard calendar comes out at newsstands and in bookstores, for the first time, also in version optimized for blind and visually impaired people. A special edition, usable by the whole family because it maintains the same contents and graphics of the traditional calendar but with larger texts and integrations in braille and audio via QR-code. A unique product in Italycreated in collaboration with the Italian Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired Onlus-Aps and Irifor.

With a history of over two and a half centuries and since 2015 “Memory of the world ”Unescothe most famous and long-lived Almanac in Italy once again demonstrates its extraordinary ability to renew itself, making himself the interpreter of the time that lives, faithful to tradition and a visionary scrutinizer of the futurelike the legendary and mysterious philosopher who first had it printed in 1762. It is no coincidence that Blackbeard, as a synonym for almanac, lunar and calendar, appears in the major Italian dictionaries and still represent today an unparalleled publishing phenomenon, with a total of three million copies per year spread mainly through newsstands and bookstores. Its fame has spanned the centuries in an extraordinary crescendo: over time the readers have urbanized and then digitized, they live different places, needs and rhythms, but Blackbeard continues to fascinate them, with advice, forecasts, love for the world and for nature, with a philosophy of life that looks at the harmony between man, nature and the things of the world.