Blanca 3, the screenwriter confirms. All the details of the new episodes

Fanpage interviewed Francis Arlanch. The screenwriter of Blanca spoke about the third season of the TV series, announcing the possible release date and some first details.

blanca 3all the details of the new episodes

Maria Chiara Giannetta (PHOTO) played Blanca Ferrando in the TV series inspired by Patrizia Rinaldi’s novels. The first two seasons, both consisting of six episodes, mixed crime, drama and laughter. Fanpage interviewed Francesco Arlanch, screenwriter of the TV series, who shared some details of the third season: “Beginning filming at the end of 2024, the third season of Blanca it should be ready to air in the fall of 2025. This is the physiological time between writing, filming and airing. The third season will also be made up of six episodes, the format is the same.”

The screenwriter then spoke about the development of the new episodes: “There are some hypotheses but I can’t say too much. We certainly want to find something that is as surprising and humanly rich as the first and second seasons. It’s a layered work, there are many ingredients together and the right order must be found. However, at the moment, we are discussing the ingredients. There is still a lot to do.”

Afterward, Arlanch dwelt on Joseph Zenointerpreter of Michele Liguori: “Giuseppe Zeno did an extraordinary job and confirmed himself as a perfect co-star. As for his character, at the moment, I can’t say much.”

The screenwriter then spent words of appreciation for the directors Jan Maria Michelini And Michele Sweet: “Write Blanca (PHOTO) is always a privilege and fun. There are characters that allow you to go into territories that are difficult to explore with other series, from the fantasy of Blanca to the politically incorrect of Commissioner Bacigalupo. Our great fortune, in addition to the Lux Vide team with whom I have worked for years, is to be able to deliver the scripts to directors like Jan Maria Michelini and Michele Soavi who have done an extraordinary job.”