Blanca, not everyone imagines this ‘background’: only now has it been revealed, truly unthinkable

Blanca is a successful television series of Rai channels, but not everyone imagines this background: only now it has been revealed.

Are you ready for the last two episodes of Blanca? In fact, on Monday 20 and Tuesday 21 December, the last appointments of the television series will be broadcast. And, without a doubt, they will blow your mind!

No one would have ever imagined this background on Blanca: it has only now been revealed. Photo source: instagram

Started last November 22nd, the TV series was able to immediately capture the attention of the Italian public. And, to date, it is among the most viewed and loved shows on Monday evening. Like everything beautiful, however, this too is destined to end. And, just in a few days, we will see the last two episodes. Waiting, however, to be able to see what will happen and if there will be a second season, are you curious to know something more about it? On the pages of TV Sorrisi e Canzoni, for example, a background truly amazing. Of course, we’ll take care of telling you everything. We anticipate: you would never have imagined it. Let’s find out together.

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Would you have ever imagined this background on Blanca?

A television series so compelling and engaging, let’s face it, we had never seen it before, yet Blanca literally amazed all its viewers. So much so that, to date, it is one of the TV series that has been able to collect an impressive success right from the start. Are you convinced you know everything about it, though? Well, you are very wrong! On the pages of TV Sorrisi e Canzoni, in fact, a background truly amazing.

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Starting from the dog chosen as Ferrando’s friend to the places where the television series was filmed, Tv smiles and songs has revealed all of Blanca’s ‘secrets’. Among these, there is also a particular background. The superintendent is often the protagonist of dynamic scenes, but have you ever wondered if Maria Chiara Giannetta used stunts? Well. To reveal everything, it was the production! “Do you ever use stunts?”, we read in the newspaper. “A few times: we worked to ensure that he could also interpret many of the most evocative scenes”, the answer.

Blanca behind the scenes
Photo Source: Instagram

Would you have ever imagined such a background?