Blanca previews, what will happen in the third episode? ‘Shock’ decision: it was inevitable

On Monday 6 December the third episode of Blanca will be broadcast, the previews foresee a shocking decision: what will happen? Twist of the scene.

We knew very well that this new television season of Rai channels would be unmissable and, in fact, the expectations of its audience have not been disappointed at all. After the third season of I Bastardi di Pizzofalcone and the shocking finale, another television series is conquering the Italian public. We are talking about her: Blanca!

Blanca, previews of the third episode: what will happen on Monday 6 December? Photo Source: Instagram

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On the air for exactly one week, Blanca has been able to collect an impressive success since the first episode. And to date, which has reached its second consecutive appointment, it undoubtedly wins a real prize. But what will happen in exactly seven days? Unless programming changes, the third episode of Blanca will air on Monday 6 December. Are you curious, however, to know what will happen? Well: the advances foresee a shock twist. Or, to put it better, a truly sensational decision by Ferrando. A decision, no doubt, painful, but more than inevitable. Ready to discover everything with us? We think about it immediately.

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Advances Blanca third episode of December 6: sensational twist

If you too are passionate about this new television series of Rai channels, know that the third episode will be even more compelling. On air on Monday 6 December, Blanca will be back on the air with her third date. And he will give his beloved audience some real twists. You are ready to discover hers advances? Let’s find out together.

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According to what is learned, it seems that Blanca is about to take a drastic decision. Convinced that Liguori is not right for her and aware of the feeling between him and Marinelli, Ferrando convinces herself that she has to forget him. So far so good, we could say. If it weren’t for the fact that, at any moment, Marinelli’s baby disappears. And the superintendent, after discovering that the little one was actually kidnapped, will decide to forget everything. And to work in the field to find it. The investigations, however, will not be easy at all. Apparently, in fact, a lot of uncomfortable truths will come out.

Advances Blanca third episode
Photo Source: Instagram

We are looking forward to arrivals on Monday 6 December, you?