Blanco, the road movie ‘Let the Sky Burn’ arrives

It will be available from November 9th on Prime Video and retraces, with unreleased content, songs and videos, the last two years of music and travels of the record-breaking artist. The single of the same name ‘Bruciasse il cielo’ will also be released on November 10th

Blanco burst into the Italian market like a tornado in 2021, and hasn’t stopped since. A road movie now comes to retrace, with unreleased content, songs and videos, the last two years of music and travels of the record-breaking artist, the youngest Italian to have performed in a stadium, with a palmares of 68 platinum records and 6 gold records and over 3 billion total streams: ‘Bruciasse il cielo’, produced by DeAntartica and Urubamba Studio, co-produced by Illmatic Film Group in association with Except, directed by Simone Peluso, will be available from November 9th exclusively on Prime Video. A deep dive into Blanco’s unfiltered imagination, from his very first appearances on stage to the 35 sold out dates of the first ‘Blu Celeste’ tour, from trips to America to those in Bolivia to conceive his latest album ‘Innamorato’, from exclusive performances in suggestive places in Venice, Florence and Naples to the crowds in the stadiums in summer 2023.

“In ‘Bruciasse il cielo’ I try to tell what I am, in my contrasts – explains Blanco – from the funniest and lightest part to the most serious, more intimate one, in which I talk about my pains and my fears, a bit like I do in my songs. It is a diary in which I tell the emotion of this race, of these last years, in which I seem to have had very little time to think and in which impulse has often guided me. I am in it my very first approaches to music, my first bullshit, travels, my affections, the desire to share and the fear of loneliness. I believe that this road movie represents the closure of something. After this full period I would like to stay still, disappear for a little, because never before have I been aware of wanting to make music and that’s it.”

The track of the road movie is the single of the same name – in pre-save – ‘Bruciasse il cielo’, produced by Michelangelo and available on all digital platforms from Friday 10 November for Island Records. Just under 4 minutes, that’s enough for Blanco to release all his intensity on the notes of an evocative pop melody, and the scorched sky in the background which becomes a new canvas to shape. “‘Bruciasse Il Cielo’ is a bit like it closes the circle: of this year, of ‘Innamorato’, of many things that have been part of this incredible journey. I believe that each album is a photograph of a different moment of life, and this piece celebrates and closes this last phase, leaving the doors open for new paths. I liked the image of the fire in the sky: ‘may the sky burn’, a kind of solemn oath, one of those you make with your heart in hand, to people and in really important situations. And fire is an element that has always fascinated me, a force that yes, destroys, but which lays the foundations for being able to rebuild from scratch”. All the looks worn by Blanco in ‘Bruciasse il cielo’ are designed by Dolce&Gabbana.