Blank Magic revolutionizes the world of magic with the Campanella Deck: a molecular deck of cards that exploits the “mysteries” of quantum mechanics

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Quantum mechanics, due to its almost “magical” characteristics, has always fascinated philosophers, scientists and illusionists. And today it is entering everyday culture, inspiring more and more enthusiasts, with games and effects suitable for anyone.

And when the versatility of science meets the imagination of the illusionist, “augmented magic” is born. The one of Claudio Campanella founder of Blank Magic and his legendary experience in the casino industry, with Casinos Advisory. His creative mind led to creation of over 80 unique magical effects, at least half are achievable through themes and theories of quantum mechanics. They can be performed by anyone due to their simplicity of execution, in front of a large audience or in a more home context.

“This is an exciting time for Blank Magic: at the heart of magic lies a vast world with multiple applications, in which the Campanella Deck manages to navigate the complex and mysterious laws of quantum mechanics, proving that its physical cards behave exactly like particles in quantum theories. Magic pushes us to reconsider our established mental patterns, challenging our beliefs. The Campanella Deck represents a real breakthrough in the way tricks are performed and I’m sure it will become a must- have for all professional magicians and magic enthusiasts”. says Claudio Campanella of Blank Magic.

From the home prototype to the launch of the Campanella deck

The deck begins to be conceived and designed personally by Campanella, in the Casinos Advisory laboratory. The first prototype was created on April 14, 2019 thanks to his great passion for magical effects and his experience as an active consultant in the casino sector for over 50 years. The goal is to offer exciting and unforgettable magical experiences not only for enthusiasts, but for all those who approach the world of magic.

The Campanella deck has no precedent, it is in fact a molecular deck of cards, completely white on both sides and regularly printed, possesses and uses the characteristics of the molecules to create kinetic effects, combinations and surprising reactions, usable by anyone regardless of skill level. Intellectual property protection is a priority for Blank Magic, given the unique and innovative nature of the Campanella Deck. The company is committed to ensuring that its product is protected from any piracy attempts, in order to preserve theexclusivity el’originality.

I am over 80 magical effects developed, which feature visually stunning tricks that anyone can perform, providing great fun without any frustration or difficulty. Each deck will have a particular magic trick to discover using a dedicated passwordto unlock the desired effect.

Discovering magical effects

Among the magical effects that can be learned we find Fingerprint. The Campanella Deck is spread to show the spectators that they are blank cards, then one of them is asked to choose a card, sign it and stain it with an ink print. Cards are shuffled and special tweezers are presented. They will be used to recover the special paper. Another effect, Magicwordle, derives directly from Wordle, a popular online puzzle game, now owned by the New York Times. The Campanella Deck reproduces a version of it through the cards: the spectator must shuffle it and think of a five-letter word and write a letter for each card. The skill lies in finding the cards and guessing the hidden word to the great amazement of the audience. Or the effect Escape Five. From the white deck, five spectators choose a card and create five unique cards with their signature. You hide the cards and continue shuffling the deck. The cards are stacked and tied with a rubber band by the spectators, the deck is protected by their hands. Shortly after, the deck is removed from their hands, which, once opened, will magically reveal the five signed cards.

The idea of Blank Magic expansion is to release 1-2 effects per month and around twenty new games per year, with the aim of operating increasingly franchising in the world. The company is headquartered in Toronto, Canada, and aims to soon open two locations for each country in Europe and four actual locations in the United Statesin North America and South America.

Blank Magic

Blank Magic is an e-commerce company founded by Claudio Campanella and deals with innovative magical effects, he is at the same time the creator and developer of the Campanella Deck, the latest example of how the company is redefining the concept of magic, offering products that are accessible to all, regardless of skill level.

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