Blasphemy to Gf ​​Vip 6, it happened in front of everyone: impossible not to hear it

Blasphemy to Gf ​​Vip 6, it happened right in front of everyone and it was almost impossible not to hear it: below we explain what happened

This time around it was impossible to obscure the direction or try to hide the evidence. It happened in front of everyone, the microphones were on and the footage immediately went viral on the web. If you missed what happened in the most spied on house in Italy in the last few hours, we will explain it to you in this article.

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Gf Vip 6, blasphemy live: everyone has heard it (Source: Facebook)

Blasphemy to Gf ​​Vip 6: what happened

The sixth edition of the Big Brother Vip comes alive. The reality show was supposed to end in December 2021, but the Mediaset leaders have decided to extend the duration of the program. The final will air in March 2022 much to the chagrin of the competitors of the reality show.

Someone, in fact, was already counting down to go back to their loved ones. Those who stay in the house, on the other hand, will have to resign themselves: the cohabitation, up to now lasting more than 80 days, will continue until March and other competitors will enter the house.

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Alfonso Signorini direct background
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Not everyone, however, will accept the production decision. Big Brother Vip will put the ‘Vippons’ in front of a decision: to stay until March or to abandon the program? Some of them have already announced that they want to leave the reality show. Almost certainly Aldo Montano and Katia Ricciarelli will return home. Both the audience and the roommates are very sad about their farewell. Aldo and Katia are two pillars of the sixth edition of the reality show.

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Meanwhile, the tension mounts inside the most spied-on house in Italy. The program, however, seems to be difficult not only for the competitors, but also for the authors. One of the technicians became the protagonist – in spite of himself – of an incredible blasphemy.

This morning, in fact, while the ‘maneuvers’ to awaken the ‘Vippons’ were in progress, one of the production technicians let out a blasphemy. By the time he realized the microphones were on, it was too late. The video had already been broadcast and later went viral on the web. Perhaps the only ones who did not notice it were the ‘Vippons’. Most, in fact, were in bed.