Blink 182 postpone tour due to Travis Barker surgery

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Blink 182 reunion tour postponed because ofinjury occurred to Travis Barkerforced to stop to suffer a hand operation. Obviously, as specified and underlined, this is not a cancellation but a a postponement to give the drummer time to recover and return to the stage at the best of his ability and give the audience the show they expect to see from one of the iconic bands of the 2000s. The disappointment of the fans was understandable, who nevertheless willingly accepted the group’s decision, wishing Travis Barker a speedy recovery.

Travis Barker’s injury

The news of Travis Barker’s injury dates back to about three weeks ago, when it was made known of an accident that had occurred during rehearsals for the tour. It was the drummer himself who made the fact known, explaining that he “slammed my finger so hard that it dislocated and broke the ligaments”. An accident that can happen to a drummer but which, due to force majeure, forces the whole group to change their plans. In fact, with his finger in those conditions, Travis Barker can’t play or, in any case, he can’t do it with the intensity and precision one would expect from someone like him. As proof of the injury, the drummer also posted pictures of the finger on his profile, which are explanatory of the extent of the accident. Forced to operateTravis Baker will then have to undergo a period of rehabilitation and only at the end of that will he be able to pick up the sticks again to continue giving the fans the music he knows how to interpret.

The announcement of the postponement of the tour

TO break the news that the planned dates in March and April in South America would be postponed was Tom DeLonge, who with a social video in which he says he is devastated by what happened, explained the mood of the group but also the desire to return to the stage as soon as possible. “It was something we had been waiting for so long and worked hard for. And this is one of those absurd accidents that no one could have expected. Travis needs surgery on his finger,” explains the artist, who returned to the Blink 182 line-up just a few months ago. Then DeLonge added, “They would have been some of the biggest shows we’ve ever seen in some of the most important venues in the world. It would have been one of the highlights of our career. We are devastated, it’s all very sad, but we are rearranging the dates”. The tour will resume in May.