Blitz Senate, activists arrested: “In the cell but the facade is already clean: forward with disobedience”

Laura Paracini to Adnkronos: “The arrest was excessive, in our view, because we sprayed washable paint”

”The arrest was excessive, in our opinion, because we sprayed washable paint on the facade of the Senate which, in fact, they say has already been cleaned. This would be a fouling instead it has been interpreted as damage, for which the arrest in the act is valid, which does not apply to the fouling. So it was an excessive interpretation according to many lawyers who have expressed themselves on the matter. Among other things, today Ignazio La Russa said that the Senate will appear as a civil party, this is embarrassing, they plead guilty to crimes against humanity and we are the civil party in this process which is the trial of the century”. He tells Adnkronos Laura Paracini, last generation activist
arrested yesterday for the raid by environmentalists in the Senate and released today, after validation of the arrest, on charges of aggravated damage. Davide Nensi and Alessandro Sulis were also arrested with her, while two other activists were reported.

”Our line of action has never changed, this is the first time that we have received this type of coverage for an action directed at a palace of power – Alessandro Sulis added to Adnkronos -. We have already taken many actions, the last one is just the one that has had the most impact on the media. We will continue to go ahead and mix different forms of civil disobedience”.