Block 181, plot and previews of the first two episodes of the Sky Original TV series

The first episodes of BLOCK 181 (DISCOVER THE SPECIAL) the new series Sky Original, a hyper-realistic black tale that is also the first Italian in-house Sky Studios. A story of sentimental, family, sexual and criminal emancipation, in 8 episodes produced with TapelessFilm and Red Joint Film and set among the multi-ethnic communities of today’s Milan.

Giuseppe Capotondi (Suburra – The series, The Double Hour) with Ciro Visco (Gomorrah, Don’t leave me, Doc – In your hands) e Matteo BonifazioBLOCK 181 sees the debut of the pioneer of Italian rap in a role unpublished for him Psalmwho is a supervisor and music producer, creative producer and actor of the series.

Starring three young and talented actors: Laura Osma (El Chapo), Alessandro Piavani (Blanca, House of Gucci, The Mafia Kills Only in Summer – The series) And Andrea Dodero (The Good Mothers, Don’t Hate, The Pupil). To bind their characters an unexpected and very current love story, against the backdrop of an imposing building complex in the Milanese suburbs, Block 181. A dangerous triangle that will challenge the rules of their belonging, through which they will emancipate themselves from their respective gangs to find their own place in the world.

The three boys at the center of the story come from different realities, yet they are linked by something stronger: Bea (Laura Osma) is a Latin American girl torn between loyalty to her family, Misa, and the desire to change her life; Ludo (Alessandro Piavani) and Mahdi (Andrea Dodero) are two friends from different social backgrounds, united as brothers. Psalm is Snakearmed right arm of Lorenzoa dealer played by Alessandro Tedeschi (Petra, Curon, Do not lie), childhood friend and ally of Rizzothe neighborhood boss played by Alessio Praticò (The miracle, The hunter, The Traitor).

BLOCK 181 is a Sky Studios production with TapelessFilm and Red Joint Film. Authors of the series subject are Paolo Vari, Francesca De Lisi, Dario Bonamin, Mirko Cetrangolo and Marco Borromei. The screenplay is by Francesca De Lisi, Dario Bonamin, Andrea Nobile with Giuseppe Capotondi, Matteo Bonifazio, Paolo Vari and Stefano Voltaggio.

Block 181, the plot of the first 2 episodes

At Block 181, the ambush of a group of pandilleros to a boy in the neighborhood unleashes a reprisal. Bea, sister of the palabrero Ricardo does not share Victor’s macho and violent guide and is instead fascinated by Ludo, the coca delivery horse, a market protected by Rizzo, the neighborhood boss. Mahdi works for Rizzo, but she doesn’t tolerate Lorenzo and Snake, the drug dealers, just as she doesn’t trust Bea and her gang of Latinos, who steal Ludo’s scooter loaded with drugs.

Bea manages to get the moped and convinces Mahdi, reluctantly, to help Ludo to catch up on deliveries, with success. But not all that glitters is gold: a complaint comes to Snake, who fires Ludo. Bea then, increasingly in conflict with Victor, proposes to the two friends to found their own coca delivery: with a little ingenuity, the three manage to steal a large quantity of coca from Lorenzo’s warehouse, guarded by Rizzo’s men.