Blond hair and blue eyes like an angel: can you tell us which beloved singer this wonderful little girl has become?

For years she has made us fall in love with her powerful and beautiful voice: can you recognize the famous singer in this shot as a child?

He crossed the line of the 40 years a few months ago and after graduating first in Literature and Philosophy and then in Television and Film Direction in the mid-2000s, she began to unleash her passion for music by first working as a backing vocalist for Gabriele Cirilli, Donna Gabriella and her children.

Blond hair and blue eyes like an angel: can you tell us which famous singer this wonderful little girl has become? (Credits: Instagram)

In 2008, thanks to the participation in the second edition of X Factoraffirms himself as a singer reaching in a short time a notable fame that still accompanies him today despite the failure to win the talent.

Among the many famous artists with whom she collaborated over the course of her career, there is even Vasco Rossi who has signed for her a song that has become the soundtrack of the film Females versus males.

On TV she was also a judge for 3 seasons of The Voice of Italy And Sanremo Young and its holdings to Sanremo Festival they have always left their mark. Well, on her very popular Instagram profile, she shows herself in this shot of when she was little, do you understand who she is?

Here she was a very tender child, today she is an amazing singer: who she is

Her hair is one of the features that most distinguish her, but she herself confessed that her natural hair color is blonde just as it appears in this photo.

Since the public has known her, however, she has almost always shown herself red. You will certainly have guessed that we are talking about the very good Noemiin the registry office Veronica Scopelliti.

Just as a child, Noemi began her magnificent journey into the world of seven notes: born in Rome on January 25, 1982, his first music lessons date back to when he was just 7 years old! All this, without ever neglecting studies.

From the image posted on the popular social platform, you immediately notice that if today the artist is beautiful and has reached a splendid shape thanks to a path she has spoken about publicly, as a child she was just as wonderful.

singer as a child
Credits: Instagram