Blue cars and abuses, Anac asks for more transparency, Brunetta: “let’s not let our guard down”

The Anticorruption Authority with a resolution asks the administrations to publish numbers and types on institutional sites. Public Function Department: 27 thousand, – 21%

Anac, the anti-corruption Authority, turns on a beacon on blue cars and with a resolution asks public administrations for more transparency so that they can make known how many service cars they have and what types, by entering data and numbers on their institutional sites as an act of ” Transparent administration “. Furthermore, the Anac, in order to prevent corruption and avoid abuse of use or improper use, recommends public administrations in the definition phase of the Anti-Corruption Plan to program suitable measures aimed at ensuring the correct use of the “blue cars”, and to carry out a careful monitoring of the implementation of the measures introduced. In the provision, the Authority also reminds that “the exclusive use of blue cars is granted only to political authorities and to certain categories of public officials identified with reference to the safeguarding of functional needs of service and personal safety”.

The Department of Public Administration immediately replied with a note communicating that the data relating to the car fleet of the public administrations as of 31 December 2020 “confirm, moreover, the effectiveness of the measures implemented, if today – as evidenced by the data of last August census reported by Anac – we count less than 27,000 compared to 600,000 in 2010 “. Furthermore, “comparing the 2018 data, blue cars are reduced by 21% and the 3.7% increase, recorded compared to 2019, mainly concerns the health sector, more exposed to the consequences of the pandemic”.

“The same number of cars for exclusive use, 734 in total, confirms the virtuous trend, – reports the Public Function – when we consider that in the State administrations there are only 20 cars for exclusive use, reserved for political authorities”. The head of the Department, Minister Renato Brunetta, makes it known that “he shares the concern of the ANAC and immediately, releasing the survey, (which had stalled during the period of the health emergency) strongly emphasizes the need not to lower the security guard. Also through the involvement of the internal control bodies of the individual administrations, a tight verification of compliance with the constraints established by the sector regulations will be ensured, in compliance with the transparency obligations “.