Blumosso explores the points of view of love in Orbite: the video

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Orbits is a very intense and engaging piece of music, which manages to convey in

the emotions of the narrator effectively. The song, contained in my latest album

The Battle of Swabiareleased on January 12, 2023, has a very profound text, which

talks about the end of a love story and the difficulty of sharing your points of

seen with each other. The video clip of the song is made with the intention of reproducing a real work of art through its sequences, which is able to perfectly capture the spirit of the song. In the video, the narrator appears as an observer of his own life, retracing the most important moments of his now over relationship. The figure of the magnetic tape, which winds through the mini-DV, becomes the common thread of the narration, clearly representing what led to the end of the relationship. The scene is set in a seaside resort, where two figures move and dance to the rhythm of the music. These characters represent the love story of the protagonists, interpreting the emotions that emerge from the relationship with their steps. The two figures, who move on different levels, indicate the emotional levels of the protagonists, and the solutions they have chosen to face this difficult period of their lives.

The director and screenwriter of the video, Gaetano Mangia, has been able to create an extremely evocative and engaging work, which manages to clearly convey the emotions of the protagonists. The photography, curated by Francesco Luperto and Andrea Fiorito, is very suggestive, and manages to create a melancholy and intense atmosphere. The editing, entrusted to Giuseppe O. Schimera, is very precise, and manages to give a pressing rhythm to the video, without ever losing sight of the story that is being told. The costumes, curated by Francesca Marzano, are meticulously chosen to help create the atmosphere of the video. The actors who play the protagonists are Francesco Monteanni and Luana Fanelli, who manage to perfectly grasp the nuances of their characters. Alongside them, Elisa Morciano and Paride Caricato complete the cast, giving life to an intense and poignant love story. The video of Orbits it is a work of art in all respects, which manages to perfectly capture the spirit of the piece. Thanks to the attention to detail and the skill of the professionals involved in its creation, this video manages to convey the emotions of the protagonists in a clear and intense way, leading the audience to identify with the story that is told.