Blur, the new album The Ballad of Darren will be released in July

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After 8 years the blurs release their first studio album titled The Ballad of Darren, with 10 new songs, July 21 on the Parlophone label. Produced by James Ford and recorded at Studio 13 in London and Devon The Ballad of Darren It is the band’s ninth studio album, their first following the chart success of The Magic Whip from 2015, with the cover by British photographer Martin Parr. The tracklist of The Ballad of Darren is: The Ballad, St Charles Square, Barbaric, Russian Strings, The Everglades (For Leonard), The Narcissist, Goodbye Albert, Far Away Island, Avalon and The Heights.

Damon Albarn He says: This is an afterthought album, a reflection and commentary on where we are now.”
Graham Coxon says: “The older we get and the angrier we get, it becomes more and more essential that what we play is charged with the right emotion and intention. Sometimes a simple riff just isn’t enough.”
Alex James says, “For a long-term relationship to last with any meaning, you have to be able to surprise each other in some way and somehow we all continue to do that.”
Dave Rowntree says: “”It’s always a lot natural to make music together. With every album we make, the process reveals something new and we develop as a band. We don’t take it for granted.”

Today’s surprise announcement precedes the band’s return to where it all began in Colchester, Essex* for their first ever performance tomorrow May 19 at the Colchester Arts Centre which marks the beginning of a short series of exhibitions that will see i blur at Eastbourne Winter Gardens on May 21, a The Halls Wolverhampton on May 26 and at O2 City Hall Newcastle on May 28. These first dates kick off a summer of highly anticipated live shows that will see Alex James, Damon Albarn, Graham Coxon and Dave Rowntree perform together again across Europe over the next few months with their iconic and fan-favourite tracks. The band’s first show at London’s Wembley Stadium on Saturday 8 July sold out within minutes, while a second show at Wembley Stadium was added on Sunday 9 July.