BMA, the traveling tour of the 5 emerging Fonoprint artists is underway

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Home Phonoprint opened the curtain on BMA – Bologna Author Music Showcase Festival 2023. The five young artists were chosen who, through a series of live shows, each opened by an always different main artist (for the presentation the Bolognese performed Lyl), will arrive, after the summer, at the grand finale in Bologna. The best project will be rewarded with ten days of recording and then mix or master; The best live artist will be the protagonist of a Fonoprint Live Session also in video. New in this edition is the collaboration with He says which, in agreement with the artistic direction of the festival, will make a slot available at the Goa Boa Festival for the artist deemed most in tune with the bill. I participated (and voted) in the first meeting with young artists and my preferences go to the Apulian artist Evra and to the very young Moses dragged by the frotwoman neo eighteen year old Greta Rampoldi.

Jargo in Art

Foggia by birth but Bolognese by adoption, he proposed remarkable arrangements, with strong jazz and blues implications that give his music originality. The rap on that musical texture is less convincing. I believe that a balance should be found, that identity should be strengthened. It is clear that there is a project and an idea behind it but they are still a bit lukewarm. But his melancholic and reflective vein won’t struggle to emerge.


Important presence, demonstrating that if you have a structured text and a captivating voice, a guitarist is enough to reach the soul. Had a glitch on “x to have you”, she stopped and resolved the hitch, released her smile and performed it again, without having smashed anything in the studio. Highlights Rythm’n’Blues tones modulated with skill and intelligence. “I’m only talking to myself” it’s a good message in a world of know-it-alls. The striking thing is the sense of presence, he manages to loom large with a naturalness that is not in line with his young age.

John I love you

Indie texts, beautiful, sensible and played well with a wise use of words: irony and nonsense nuances. But the music seems to come from the eighties, it reminds me of the Pino D’Angiò of “But which idea” but without that freshness. Even the look, total white with black glasses, will also be the mirror of that generation at the turn of the two millennia, but it doesn’t shine for its originality. Finally his debut with a “Hello Italy” in that context it was totally…decontextualized.


The rock quota is four eighteen year olds who eat up the stage. They are born in the pandemic, they go through it and what for many young people of their generation has become depression has become energy for them. Greta seems in a trance, she transmits to the listener the tachycardia she sings. Little to add, masters of the scene, structured lyrics sung with the right disenchantment. They preview the single “You make me come”. If that makes me want to understand became the mirror of a generation it would be a beautiful message. And then they have the sensible, irreverent, wise use of the dirty word.

Still Charles

The guitar has Nashville-style echoes. The lyrics are like short stories but lack that twist that could make a difference. By now it is known that today it is not necessary to know how to sing well and he is aware of it and does not even try to give a sign of maturity. He knows how to vary with the music and my idea is that with the piano the project acquires completeness. I really appreciated it when he sat down at the piano and did the one-man-band. His “Stockholm” it’s a great piece.