Bob Sinclar, the remix of the song Ti felt by Matia Bazar

Bob Sinclar is back with a new remix of an Italian evergreenthe classic of the eighties I hear you of the Matia Bazar, famous for the unforgettable voice of the group’s lead singer Antonella Ruggiero. Twelve years after the great success of To make lovethe remix of You start making love by Raffaella Carrà, on October 27 the French DJ and producer, winner of hundreds of platinum and gold records, will debut with the new song on the international market and on Italian radio.


Sinclar is a great enthusiast of Italo Disco, who “was famous for her striking looks and melodies mixed with synthetic music.” Despite the criticism received in the 1980s by some Italian journalists, the genre “inspired world-famous electronic artists such as Erasure, New Order and Pet Shop Boys, and influenced the House music movement from Franky Knuckles in Chicago to Juan Atkins and Derrick May in Detroit.” An example of synth-pop characterized by Ruggiero’s vocal intensity and charisma is precisely the great success that is the subject of the remix: “Matia Bazar produced I hear you in 1985, and the song quickly became popular a club dance music anthem in Belgium, Holland and France, reaching charts all over the world,” Sinclar recalled. “The production was great, and Antonella Ruggiero’s vocal performance has never been surpassed from any of the covers made subsequently. I made my own version earlier this year because I thought it was the right time to bring it back into my DJ sets.” The Italian song, one of the most loved of all time, conquered the European charts, reaching the top of the hit parades in the Netherlands and Germany and revived in the Spanish version You feel and in the English version I Feel You, which achieved great success in the UK. Chris Lowe of Pet Shop Boys also named the song one of his favorites in the series Back to Mine.


THE Matia Bazara historic Italian pop group, have gone through decades of music between melodies, talent, elegance and experimentation. Antonella Ruggiero, one of the most versatile and evocative voices of our country’s musical panorama, has expressed an extraordinary interpretative ability accompanied by unique intensity and refinement. After listening to Sinclar’s version, the group decided together with the DJ to release the remix with Time Records. As reported by RockolMatia Bazar did not hold back their enthusiasm: “We are particularly happy with this collaboration and that Bob Sinclar has chosen to work on a cult song from our repertoire. I hear you it is a success that preserves the stylistic and musical traits of the 1980s, but in reality it is out of time”. Ruggiero also recalled the “elaborate, both from an artistic and human point of view” gestation of the song, “one of the richest in energy of the entire Matia Bazar repertoire performed by me and still recognized and loved by the public at an international level”. Sinclar has high hopes for the new remix: “I sincerely hope that all DJs and a new international audience will appreciate this creation of mine, made with passion for a timeless classic. I hear you, Italy!