Bobo TV as a rock band, how much does it cost and who pays for the separation?

The future as influencers of Vieri, Adani, Cassano and Ventola now depends on talent

The latest case, on everyone’s lips, is that of Bobo TV. Vieri, Adani, Cassano, Ventola, for better or for worse, had become an untouchable formation. Now that the balance between the four characters has suddenly broken down, the effect is similar to that of a rock band breaking up.

Why? What’s behind it? Who left who? The questions are almost always the same and the answers, for now, can be read between the lines of a post, in half-sentences made specifically to allude, to make us imagine a more interesting backstory than a scene that has been repeated many times. Everything, consistently in line with social logic. Announcement, silences, hints sipped to fuel the anticipation of an audience which, in the expectations of all four former footballers who have become influencers, is waiting for nothing more than to know who did what and who will do what from here on.

However, there is another question which, moving away from the gossip between influencers, is perhaps more useful to ask from a broader perspective. How much does the separation of work groups that work cost, and who pays, be it the four from Bobo TV or a rock band, because they have created a relationship with an audience and because they have built consensus together. Generally, a lot.

There are few cases where frontmen became better soloists than the band they led. When it happened, it was because talent prevailed and he was able to produce a new consensus, different from the one he had shared before. Now, whether we are talking about knowledge of football, entrepreneurial flair, or public appeal, the question is how much the solo talents of Vieri, Adani, Cassano and Ventola can be worth on the market. (By Fabio Insenga)