Bobo TV, Cassano breaks the silence: “Vieri? Nobody commands me”

The former striker: “Adani, Ventola and I had ideas. But we need to decide together…”

Antonio Cassano breaks the silence after the divorce from Bobo Vieri and the farewell to Bobo TV with Lele Adani and Nicola Ventola, the other former footballers ‘purged’ from the project that took off on Twitch. Last Friday Vieri announced the separation from the former partners of the project: “From now on there will only be me”, said the former center forward. Adani expressed himself, in a veiled and not very direct manner, with a series of posts on Instagram. Ventola, in an audio released by Fabrizio Corona, indirectly referred to problems with relationships and economic management. Now it’s Cassano’s turn, who responds to Striscia la Notizia during the delivery of the twentieth Golden Tapiro ‘won’ by the former footballer from Bari.

“Money has nothing to do with it, I’ve had it for my whole life,” says Cassano, responding to the rumors according to which the separation was based on economic issues. “BoboTv is a project that we created together – continues Cassano – with sharing and friendship. When sharing fails, then everyone goes their own way”.

Did Vieri want to command? “You should ask him. In my life the only people who can command me are my wife and my children. The three of us (Cassano, Adani and Ventola, ed.) had an idea, we wanted to carry on as always. But to do that we need to decide in four: it shouldn’t be decided by just one and it shouldn’t be decided by five”, concludes Cassano, implying that Vieri wanted to insert, in front or behind the cameras, a fifth figure.

With this Tapiro Cassano reaches 20, the first athlete in the history of the satirical news program and third in the general ranking behind Belen and Fiorello. The complete report tonight on Striscia la Notizia (Canale 5, 8.35 pm).