Bobo TV, Vieri against Adani and Cassano in court?

The former center forward relies on a lawyer: “Civil and criminal action for offenses and defamation”

Does the Bobo TV case end up in court? Christian Vieri – after the divorce from Lele Adani, Antonio Cassano and Nicola Ventola – does not seem to have liked messages, statements and posts on the ‘divorce’, with assorted comments and assessments. The former center forward, who now manages the Twitch channel alone after dismissing his ‘former collaborators’, published a note from his lawyer on social media. “The lawyer Danilo Buongiorno, of Milan, lawyer of Mr. Christian Vieri, communicates that in light of news, articles and various communications carried out through social sources, newspapers, web publications, blogs and by private individuals (connected with the recent events of the Bobo tv) having openly defamatory, offensive and denigrating contents of the private and public image of the samereserves the right to take action both in civil and criminal proceedings before the competent judicial authority for the protection of the rights and interests of its client”, reads the press release.

There is no explicit reference to Adani, Cassano and Ventola. The trio, however, took a public position yesterday with a long statement addressed to followers and enthusiasts.

“We asked for information and stimuli for new projects. In exchange, we received indirect answers (through the figure of our manager) and then direct ones, in disrespectful ways, in which we were given a demonstration of the total difference of intent, of the clear difference of vision – the words of the 3 former footballers -. At this point it was impossible for us to continue, so much so that we announced our intention to stop for a few days with the aim of clarifying the doubts raised and doing it all together. In short, we needed to a strong and reassuring response about the future”.

“The subsequent steps, while waiting for a new discussion – we read in the note – were instead quick thanks “for the collaboration” (we suddenly became collaborators…) live, where we also learned that new ones would be born format (yet the last communication between us had taken place four/five hours before…), we therefore felt that “it was right to change” and, finally, noted a lightning agreement between the Lega Serie A radio and Bobo TV. While waiting for that confrontation between the four members of the group (neither one nor five), the spirit with which Bobo TV was born was killed and buried. The changing room must or should remain the changing room, sacred, protected, defended and honored. Or at least, it should have. Nothing is irreversible, but people are not to be fooled. See you along the way. Lele, Anto and Nick.”