Bocce, first National Council 2022 in Rome

At the Federal Technical Center of Rome, a meeting was held, the first in 2022, of the Federal Council and the Council of Regional Presidents, which was attended by the president of the Italian Bocce Federation, Marco Giunio De Sanctis, the Federal Councilors, the Secretary General , Riccardo Milana, the regional Area Coordinators and the regional presidents, some of whom are electronically connected. “We have to start over from the new federal statute – the federal president Marco Giunio De Sanctis began-. In our new fundamental charter we have achieved the objective that the Federal Councilor represents, tout court, the sporting discipline. In addition, the new fundamental card of the FIB has included, within it, other specialties, as well as the traditional ones of Raffa, Volo and Petanque. We have two great resources represented by the Paralympic movement and by the Beach Bocce, which could potentially bring lifeblood to the Federation in terms of activities and members ”.

“The month of September 2022 will be of fundamental importance for the sport of bowls in terms of image, communication and promotion – announces De Sanctis-. Two international events are scheduled at the Federal Technical Center: the World Boccia Challenger of Boccia Paralimpica and the World Youth Championships of Raffa, interspersed with a large promotional event. For the Boccia event, shortly, there will be an inspection by the top management of BISFed, in order to verify the suitability of the places and the logistical / organizational guarantees ”.

“Since 2017, a lot has been built and innovated – the federal president reiterates – in many vital sectors, first of all that of image and communication, training, the Paralympic sector and territorial reorganization as recognized by sports and political institutions. From a technical point of view, perhaps too much has been innovated, but today the Federation has a unitary regulatory code that is much more easily accessible by affiliates and members with the possibility of comparing the specialties “.

“The establishment of the Aiab for the arbitration sector was a very important initiative, a structure with its own autonomy and an expense budget. We have set up the Unitary Technical Committee with a view to substantial unification never achieved since 1980. On this line, the Federal Council has been the promoter of unitary training courses. I am thinking of the great tool represented by the New WSM to manage affiliations, memberships, registration for competitions with great transparency of economic and bureaucratic operations “. With regard to the phase of affiliations and registrations in progress, the number, as of January 2022, is equal to 1,339 companies. The Federal Council has approved an additional contribution of 20 thousand to Colba, for the expenses incurred for the organization of the women’s and men’s World Cup in Alassio (11-16 October 2021).

Furthermore, the Federal Council, again with a view to expanding the soccer movement and to enhance its image, has also resolved, also for 2022, to provide a series of live streaming, on the occasion of the most important international and national events.

The first federal call for proposals of € 50,000 has been approved for promotional projects which will be examined according to certain criteria and parameters by the special Promotional Projects Commission. The CAB at the ASD Spilimberghese (Friuli Venezia Giulia) was renewed. The Federal Council presented and approved the assignment to the respective COL (Local Organizing Committees) of the organization of the national events of 2022 of Raffa, Volo, Petanque and of the Paralympic specialties.

For the 2022 sports season, the regulations drawn up by the Paralympic Commission have been approved: technical regulations for the game of Bocce DIR and regulations for the Club Championships of DIR Bocce. In addition, funds have been allocated for prizes to the companies that win the club championships for athletes with Relational Intellectual Disabilities. The team championships are one of the novelties of the Paralympic activity of 2022. The international events of 2022 in which the Azzurri will be involved were presented. For the Paralympic Boccia (whose participation is subject to the allocation of slots by BISFed): from 2 to 10 April the World Boccia Challenger in Zagreb (Croatia); from 25 April to 1 May the World Boccia Cup in Montreal (Canada); from 27 June to 4 July the European Paralympic Youth Games in Pajulahti (Finland); from 4 to 11 July the World Boccia Cup in Povoa (Portugal); from 1 to 7 August the World Boccia Challanger in Veldhoven (Holland); from 6 to 14 September the World Boccia Challenger at the Federal Technical Center in Rome

For Petanque: from 12 to 15 May the World Championships for Couples, Individuals, Mixed Couples in Karslunde (Denmark); from 3 to 5 June the Women’s European Backhoe Championships in Torrelavega (Spain); from 13 to 17 July the European Championship for Couples, Individual, Mixed Couples in Hertogenbosch (Holland); from 6 to 10 October the Under 18 and Under 21 European Championships in Palma de Mallorca (Spain); from 8 to 11 December the World Championship in Terne in Cotonou (Benin).

For the Flight: from 29 August to 4 September the European Women’s Championships in Slovenia; from 1st to 2nd October the Under 18 and Under 23 World Championships in France. For Raffa: from 19 to 25 September the Junior World Championships at the Federal Technical Center in Rome. The blue national teams of Raffa, Volo and Petanque will meet together for the Mediterranean Games in Oran (Algeria) from 22 to 29 June. At the World Games in Birmingham (USA), from 7 to 17 July, the national teams of Volo and Petanque will be involved. For Raffa and Volo joint commitment in Mersin (Turkey) for the Senior World Championships from 31 October to 4 November.