Boeing crashed in China, analyze the black boxes: hypothesis of extreme gesture or quarrel between pilots

The last seconds of the Boeing that crashed in China a year ago are under analysis and an extreme gesture or the specter of a quarrel between pilots are hypothesized. In the black box recordings, while the plane is falling almost vertically, sounds that appear to be arguing are heard inside the cabin of the Boeing 737. It is not clear who those voices are, which mingle in the screams of terror of the passengers. It could be two pilots at the controls or even a third colleague present there as an observer. The only certain fact is that the aircraft immediately regained altitude. But only for twelve seconds. Then the plane disintegrates into about 50,000 pieces leaving a chasm on the face of a hill, killing the 132 people on board.

The Chinese authorities have asked for silence

In the file extracted from the “Cockpit voice recorder” – one of the two black boxes that records the audio – according to what Corriere reports, those voices are interpreted as a “clash”. Some people – who request anonymity because they are not authorized to speak about it with the press – believe that the most plausible explanation is that that physical “confrontation” was the attempt of a pilot to neutralize who at that moment, “probably his colleague”, he had decided to crash the plane. The Boeing 737-800 crashed shortly after lunch with a dynamic that still raises doubts. The Chinese authorities have asked for silence and criticized the closeness to the media of Western experts – especially Americans – called to lend a hand in the investigation.