Bologna, Festa dell’Unità without symbols of the Democratic Party for a level playing field

No party logos, just that of the event. The decision taken after the complaint presented by the Brothers of Italy, which contested the space dedicated to the appointment, not included among those intended by the Municipality for the electoral campaign

The Festa dell’Unità in Bologna, which begins on 25 August, will be without flags of the Democratic Party and without party symbols, but only with the traditional logo of the festival. It will therefore be possible to talk about politics, but it will not be possible to campaign. It will be one of the paradoxes of this late summer pre-vote: the traditional late August events, as well as the Cl Meeting in Rimini which begins on Saturday and which will see the parade of leaders and candidates from all coalitions, will not be opportunities for recovery. of the season after the summer break, but will fall in the middle of the period leading to the vote of the policies.

Case opened by the Brothers of Italy

The most delicate case is precisely that of the Festa dell’Unità in Bologna which will take place without flags and without symbols of the Democratic Party. The question had been raised by the Brothers of Italy who had also presented a complaint to the prefect. The feast of the Unification of Bologna is, in fact, together with that of Modena, the largest remaining: even when they do not have the title of national holiday (which this year belongs to Palermo) they still have a dimension and a presence of guests that makes them a central appointment for the life of the Democratic Party. While the feast of Modena takes place on a private space, that of Bologna, in the traditional area of ​​Parco Nord, on the outskirts of the city, is public, even if the space is given in concession to a private company (but with a majority of capital public) such as Bologna Fiere.

The solution proposed by the prefect

A space which, however, is not included among those indicated by the Municipality of Bologna for the electoral campaign. “This is a violation of the rules” – commented the deputy of the Brothers of Italy Galeazzo Bignami who in recent weeks presented a complaint in the prefecture, “it is a public space that is given in concession to a party without respecting the rules of election campaign. In Bologna the rules are valid for everyone, but for the Democratic Party they are less and less valid “. Prefect Attilio Visconti, in an interview with Rest of the Carlino, however, has outlined a solution in compliance with the rules. “We must respect the law” – he said – “I cannot give other indications, except to ensure that electoral campaigns are not carried out in improper contexts. There must therefore be no posters and placards or calls to vote. Instead, we can talk about something else. . The organizers of the Festa dell’Unità can do whatever they want, except electoral campaign “.

The format of the event does not change

So the Democratic Party has adapted: as explained by the head of the party Lele Roveri there will be no flags or party symbols, but the party will have the usual soul and the usual format: tagliatelle and political debates, confrontations open to society and tortellini. Obviously it will be difficult to pretend that the elections are not there, but some stakes will have to be respected. “We intended” – said Stefano Vaccari, head of organization of the Democratic Party – “to have the party already before the election campaign. We will respect the rules for parties in public areas. However, no one forbids us to have the party and that they participate in it. our candidates. The participants will all be committed to supporting the Democratic Party and beating the right, even without the party symbol on the billboards. Because we are serious and responsible people, of course sorry … “