Bologna-Lazio 1-0, goal from Ferguson and Sarri goes down

Success for the Emilians who rise to 18 points and overtake the Biancocelesti, who are stuck at 16

Bologna beats Lazio 1-0 in the evening preview of the match scheduled for the eleventh day of the 2023-2024 Serie A championship. Ferguson’s goal gives success to the Emilians who rise to 18 points and overtake the Biancocelesti, who are stuck on 16.

The match

Ready, go and Bologna immediately becomes dangerous. Lazio’s defense doesn’t handle a counterattack from the home team well, Zirkzee can shoot from the edge of the area: Provedel doesn’t risk it. The Biancocelesti respond immediately with Castellanos, started by Sarri: crossbar, but there is a foul on Calafiori. The Capitoline players try to take control of the match and advance the center of gravity. Bologna covers itself and closes the gaps, ready to restart when there is an opportunity according to Motta’s plan. Between 16′ and 18′, a double burst from Lazio. Romagnoli looks for the header, but Skorupski has no problems. From a corner, shortly afterwards, Luis Alberto draws a perfect parable: crossing the posts. The pressing from the guests is constant and often allows for extremely quick ball recovery. However, there is a lack of precision in the construction: Lazio creates little in the second half of the first half and, in fact, takes a risk in the 39th minute. An elaborate move by Bologna frees Zirkzee, the header is imprecise.

In the 48th minute the attacker disguises himself as an assist man with a delightful touch for Ferguson, who slips through the Lazio defense in the first action of the second half and blasts Provedel: 1-0. Sarri’s team feels the pinch and stumbles. Lazio, despite Immobile’s entry half an hour from the end, let themselves be held back by the home team in a match that became increasingly nervous. Bologna blocks and relaxes with Orsolini’s runs, who in the 65th minute almost force Luis Alberto into a penalty foul. Minutes pass and Bologna’s quality of ball possession improves: Motta’s men skilfully come out of the opponent’s pressing, Lazio runs in circles and doesn’t sting. Skorupski doesn’t have to make any saves, there’s no trace of the Capitoline siege: it ends 1-0.