Bologna massacre, De Angelis: “Saying what I think, ready to be burned like Giordano Bruno”

The new post after the one in which he claimed to know “for sure” that the ex Nar Fioravanti, Mambro and Ciavardini “have nothing to do with it”

“I said what I thought without fear of the consequences. If I have to pay for this and go to the stake like Giordano Bruno for violating the dogma, I’m proud of it”. He writes it on Facebook Marcello De Angelis, head of institutional communication of the Lazio Region, after the controversy born for a post he wrote on the Bologna massacre in which he claimed to know “for sure that Fioravanti, Mambro and Ciavardini had nothing to do with the Bologna massacre”.

“Like every free citizen of this nation – says De Angelis in the new post – I have exercised the right to express my opinion on a solstice event in our history, based on decades of inquiry as a journalist and parliamentarian. And of course, I won’t deny it, animated by the passion of someone who has had a dead brother, the victim of one of the proven misdirections hatched to prevent the truth from being ascertained, with the use of the false testimony of the Circeo massacrer Angelo Izzo. And therefore with the personal and family right to ask to deepen each analysis until any doubts are dispelled “, he concludes.