Bologna-Milan 0-2, goals from Giroud and Pulisic

Winning Rossoneri in the postponement of the first day of Serie A 2023-2024

Milan wins 2-0 on the Bologna field today, 21 August 2023, in the postponement of the first day of the 2023-2024 Serie A championship calendar. The Rossoneri won with goals from Giroud and Pulisic, scored in the first half.


Ready, go and Bologna scares the Devil. The rossoblu came close to scoring after about twenty seconds: Lykogiannis kicked from far, crossbar. Milan settles down, fully enters the game and strikes at the first chance. Pulisic triggers Reijnders, who offers the ball to Giroud with a sidebar: sharp right foot, 1-0 in the 11th minute for the team coached by Pioli. Bologna tries to react but is hit and sunk in the 21st minute by the guests. cleaning he sinks, exchanges with Giroud and baptizes the crossroads with his right foot: 2-0, Milan masters the match. The hosts showed up on Maignan’s side with a blow from Ferguson, but Skorupski was the busiest goalkeeper: the goalkeeper denied Giroud two goals and kept the game alive.

In the second half, Milan controlled the match and controlled their energies. Bologna can raise the center of gravity continuously. In the 52nd minute Tomori risks big in his own area, with a contact on Orsolini that the referee Pairetto does not judge foul. Ndoye splinters the outside post in the 60th minutea few seconds later Maignan had to get to work to defuse the attempts of Aebischer and Posch.

The last portion of the match animated by the post that Leao hits in the 90th minute. Bologna’s tank is empty, Milan manages without worries: good first for the Rossoneri.