Bologna, new Saman case: 19-year-old Indian beaten because she rebels against arranged marriages

The girl is assisted by the lawyer Barbara Iannuccelli who has already followed the case of the 18-year-old Pakistani woman killed in Novellara: “For now we have saved her, she is in a protected structure”

“For now we have saved it. I hope to be able to go all the way”. Barbara Iannuccelli, one of the lawyers who dealt with the case of Saman Abbas, thus expresses, when asked by Adnkronos, all her determination to want to help a 19 year old Indian girlwho has lived in the province of Modena for 4 years and attends a school in the Bologna area, in the center of a story similar to that of the 18-year-old Pakistani woman killed in Novellara
in the province of Reggio Emilia.

The girl, he says, “has been coming for a few months beaten to death every day because she fell in love with a boyIndian and of his own religion but not accepted by the family he has an arranged marriage has already been decided for her. She confided in a teacher, the school got activated, a report was made and through an association they called me, because my name is associated with the Saman case and they thought I could be the right person to defend her. We met, there was one videotaped denunciation of all the facts but since then, from April 13 to 25, nothing happened, despite the fact that there were serious crimes, such as ill-treatment and induction into forced marriage. The time of three days to acquire your complaint was respected, then nothing”, denounces the lawyer, referring to the rules introduced by the Red Code.

“On April 25th she contacted me on Instagram, we met at school, she told me about other violence, including a kick in the belly by the mother. You are strong – underlines Iannuccelli – due to the great love that binds you to this boy. On April 26 we were again at the police station, where she recounted other events, and she said she no longer wanted to go home. There was a need for a placement in protection, help was needed, but after 5 hours in the police station the idea of ​​the social workers was to go to a B&B, where I could sleep with her. We refused, the principal offered to host her one night. Then, thanks to the media clamor of the story and the intervention of the institutions tonight the issue of placement in a secure facility has been resolvedin a secret place, thanks to the intervention of the questore of Bologna Isabella Fusiello”.

Now the judicial front opens. Among the various hypotheses of ill-treatment there is a precise episode, which configures a real attempted murder by her father, who put his hands over her nose and mouth and whom she kicked away. I’m working to ensure that this episode emerges and can form the basis for pre-trial detention. We are waiting for the Modena prosecutor’s office to take all steps to punish those who have behaved in this way. Now – concludes the lawyer – the ball passes to the prosecutor of Modena“.