Bolsonaro investigated for ‘harassing’ a whale

The accident occurred in the waters off the south-eastern coast of Brazil, near the city of Sao Sebastiao

Already under investigation for a series of crimes, including plotting a coup against his successor Lula and embezzling expensive jewels, the Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro he ended up once again in the sights of the authorities. The accusation would be that of having “intentionally molested” a whale with his jet ski.

Renamed ‘Captain Chainsaw’ by critics of his environmental policies especially regarding the Amazon rainforest, Bolsonaro is now under investigation for a accident occurred in the waters off the south-eastern coast of Brazil, near the city of Sao Sebastiao. It was there that in June a man resembling Bolsonaro was apparently spotted and filmed about 15 meters from a humpback whale that surfaced. In a video posted on social media, a “man, thought to be Bolsonaro, is seen approaching as the animal performed aerial behaviors that suggested discomfort or discomfort,” the iG website reported. Brazilian legislation prohibits “deliberate harassment of any species of cetacean” such as dolphins or humpback whales, and boats with engines running cannot come within 100 meters of these animals.

Just over ten years ago, Bolsonaro had already been fined for illegal fishing within a marine reserve off the coast of Rio de Janeiro. As president, critics often accused him of deliberately dismantling environmental protections with catastrophic consequences for nature. The former president dismissed the humpback whale investigation as another example of political persecution of him by Brazilian politicians and environmentalists. “Every day they accuse me of some kind of wrongdoing. Yesterday it was about prosecuting whales,” Bolsonaro told his supporters, before making a joke about Brazil’s current justice minister, Flávio Dino, whom he compared to a whale.