Bolzano, when Benno said: “I repent, I killed them: I was out of reality”

In an interview with Adnkronos in May 2021, the South Tyrolean told his truth about the murder of his parents

“When I killed my father first and then my mother, it was like I stepped out of reality. I am well aware that it is difficult to see the total incapacity of understanding and willing recognized. That nothing, not even the very strong repentance I feel, will spare me the long sentence that I have just begun to serve. But it’s time for my truth to be known too”. It was May 28, 2021 and, speaking to Adnkronos from Bolzano prison, it was Benno Neumair, at the time in jail for 4 months for murder and concealment of the corpses of his father Peter Neumair and his mother Laura Perselli.” I no longer do physical activity, although I have the possibility here – he explained to Adnkronos -. I read a lot, especially travel novels, like the adventures of Robinson Crusoe. No yellows. Like a pendulum I swing alternating moments of deep sadness with fragments of normal life, with my cell mates. There are those who are fine, after all, behind bars, I am not. I’m not well at all, I’m desperate. I find comfort from talks with the psychologist, but I still struggle to understand why I did what I did“.

“All the media hype bothered me a lot. The exercise I do most often is to try to erase January 4 from my memory – he continued -. That day I had a blackout, I had never thought of killing anyone, much less my parents I was awakened by my father in an energetic way, we had yet another argument for the usual reasons. She told me I was worthless, unlike my sister which, on the other hand, is all a parent could want. I suffer from a sleep disorder, aggressive awakening, which makes me nervous, there have also been episodes with Made, when she was a teenager. I didn’t see it anymore and when my father entered the room with that vehemence, I took a string that I had close at hand in a basket and strangled him with it. At that point I fell asleep on the ground next to his body. The phone woke me up, it was my mother who told me that she was returning home. I felt the key in the lock, I saw it and with the string still in my hand I strangled her too, without her even having time to notice. It all happened in minutes.”

Benno, who lived in Austria for ten years, said he only returned to Bolzano with the onset of the pandemic. “I left home in 2010, tired of the constant quarrels that I tried to avoid every time, punctually compared to my sister, very good at everything, premature in her goals and very close to my mother who, on the other hand, always offended me, denigrated me I had returned to live with them due to Covid, no longer having job opportunities”.

(by Silvia Mancinelli)