Bombers on Draghi’s words: “He didn’t say ‘I’ll be there until March'”

The Uil leader dismisses the idea that with those declarations the premier may have called himself out for the Quirinale

The leader Uil Pierpaolo Bombardieri returns to the words of Draghi who yesterday suggested that he was called out for the Quirinale. “Yesterday I asked Draghi if the pensions table that opens in early December will target the Def in March-April,” Bombardieri said from the stage of the national assembly of pensioners’ unions. “Because I don’t want us to start in December and then for other reasons the discussion is interrupted, obviously implying the election of the President of the Republic, the elections and so on. The prime minister said no, this stuff goes on: I didn’t say so, nor did the president say, ‘I’ll be there’“. This is the meaning of the exchange” he specifies.


“When it comes to pensions I want to say one thing very clearly: it is time to say it is enough that the social security reforms are connected with every electoral round” attacks Bombardieri. “Do us this courtesy, let’s go to a pension reform that does not take into account the electoral deadlines and the needs of the parties”.


“In the year of the pandemic, companies were paid 170 billion euros, rightly because it was correct to save companies to save jobs: but this money was paid without any conditionality, it was given to those who made huge profits or to whom, again, like the multinationals, he fired the workers with a text message “. “Now is the time to give an answer to those who have suffered the most; to workers and retirees,” he said, claiming that the 8 billion that the government has allocated for tax reform goes entirely back into the pockets of the workers.