Bonafede: “Great distance from politics, class actions and energy community participation tools”

‘In a moment of indifference, I see that civil society is organizing itself to provide answers to citizens’

“I would like to start by saying that I have returned to being a lawyer and I speak in a personal capacity, while making use of the wealth of experience gained in the institutions. Today I notice that it is a day in which not only the distance between citizenship and politics is noted, but it also aims to be a proactive day to give impetus to the initiative. To date, the established fact is that there is a distance between our entrepreneurs, citizens and institutional offices. In my opinion, however, something important is happening. In this distance, civil society begins to organize itself, almost independently of the legislator. Through activities that have a concrete impact on the quality of life of the community. This is a very important aspect. I lived my institutional experience in a very serious moment for the country and for the planet such as the pandemic. I saw people and businesses suffer.” So the former Minister of Justice, Alfonso Bonafede, from the stage of the 5th National Congress “Meritcracy Italy” underway at the Manzoni Theater in Rome.

“Today, businesses view the institutions with an almost indifferent distance. The entrepreneur knows that he has to move forward only with his own strength and asks the state only which rules he must respect and asks not to have a spoke in the wheels of the state. In this context, it is not they manage to find an interlocutor, often the spanner in the works is the mass of regulations and the incredible Italian bureaucracy. Abstention today is no longer even anger, it is indifference. – continues Bonafede – The citizen thinks that the exercise of sovereignty it is almost obvious and perhaps useless in its effects. But I see some positive signs, even in my work. One, they are participation tools, is the class action, I can proudly say that since 2019, which came into force in 2021, a reform exists in Italy which bears my name on the class action which for the first time gives companies the opportunity to use this tool. A moment in which a group of subjects assert their rights together, eliminating economic asymmetries”.

“It is a moment that affects reality, and can also bring great benefits in environmental protection, as is already happening in the USA. Today the class action is completely digitalized and there are 75 thousand members. All this will discourage incorrect behavior. The other example it is that of renewable energy communities. There we have various subjects who come together and produce and consume energy that they share, it means that companies in a strategic sector such as energy are united from the bottom and take on their shoulders an enormous objective such as the energy transition. A decree would be enough to enhance these realities”, concludes Bonafede.