Bono has announced a tour to launch his upcoming autobiography

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After a successful career spanning decades, it can happen that you reach the age of 62 feeling the need to surrender to a new impulse. This is what happened to B.ono Voxtaken for the first time by the desire to tell a story that was only yours. Surrender: 40 Songs, One Story is the singer’s first official autobiography, a necessary journey that crosses the entire existence of the U2 frontman without skipping the most painful parts. Surrender for Bono it is not just a simple book but rather the result of an attempt to look within. For this, in an attempt to promote such a project, he decided to go on stage alone without his band. Not because he is thinking of breaking away from his lifelong companions but because this path in which music and words alternate is too personal to be shared. The solo debut of Bono Vox on a stage will therefore not come to launch a record but rather to promote a literary adventure, born to bring out everything that could not emerge with music.

Evenings “of words, music and some malice”

Bono’s mini-world tour will touch fourteen different capitals, from New York to Madrid passing through the inevitable Dublin but the performance will not be a simple concert. Bono himself spoke of “evenings in which music, words and some mischief will alternate”, a bit like it also happens in the book to be released on November 1st. Surrender promises in more than 500 pages to “draw in detail what until now has only been sketched in the songs” and the short tour is also a way to fight the nostalgia of the stage, proposing a hybrid show in which there is “a a few stories to sing and a few songs to tell ”. On the other hand, the structure of the autobiography confirms the same double nature of the operation, with forty chapters each taking their title from a different song by the U2.

all that you can’t leave behind

Of Surrender extracts have already leaked, able to tell us about a private and fragile Bono, far from the golden world of showbiz. In forty chapters the story of a boy raised in the harsh Ireland of the seventies is reconstructed, a place where it was difficult to deal with concepts such as that of “surrender” (hence the title of the volume). Bono doesn’t mind telling us the story of young Paul Hewson, scarred by the disappearance of his beloved mother and unable to express pain until he discovered music. “It all started with that event, the death of my mother,” wrote the author of the book, “In my mind it became a work about the absence of a woman named Iris. The music comes to move the silence that surrounds a house and the three men who live there, one of whom is just a boy. ” Bono Vox remembers his father Bob and his brother Norman but also their inability to remember together the woman they loved most after her disappearance. Later Bono would express all that long-hidden love and pain through several songs written thinking of mom Iris, from I Will Follow from 1980 until Mofo 1997. This way of exorcising trauma through music, which will allow him to find his way in life, was made possible thanks to his older brother Norman. In fact, he was the first to put a guitar in the hands of the future rock star, to teach him the chords of songs such as Blowin ‘in the Wind by Bob Dylan o I Want to Hold Your Hand of the Beatles.

Bono is too hard on himself when presenting Surrender only as “the story of a pilgrim’s lack of progress. With a good dose of fun along the way ”. The autobiography is the story of a human story in which love eventually found a way to find its way to him. A wonderful way to look “all that you can’t leave behind” in the face.