Bono Vox in Naples for the concert receives the scarf of the Neapolitan team

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Bono Vox, born Paul Hewson, one of the most famous rock stars of all time, is landed in Naplescity where Saturday 13 May the show related to the Stories of Surrender book tour which saw the leader of U2 tour Europe with his autobiography, Surrender. 40 songs and a story, a project dedicated to the story of the Irish rock band told through forty immortal songs.
Landed at Capodichino airport, the singer, who turned sixty-three on May 10, was welcomed by fans who immediately have it involved in the festive atmosphere linked to the victory of the Neapolitan team in the Serie A championship. On the net, the photo of Bono Vox with the blue scarf of SSC Napoli it went viral.

Bono’s emotion at the Teatro San Carlo

On his first evening in Italy, Bono Vox experienced some of the proverbial joyful hospitality of the city of Naples, which has been under the spotlight for weeks due to the results of the football team celebrated by sportsmen and club fans all over the world. The Irish singer has chosen Naples, and specifically the San Carlo Theatrefor a date that, for him, it means a lot.
The voice of U2 has sent an email to the lucky ones who managed to grab a seat in the historic opera house to thank them and give them some instructions on the evening, in which – as already anticipated before the opening of ticket sales – it will not be mobile phone can be used.
Bono Vox will film the Neapolitan livefor this reason he asked everyone to tune in mind and body on his wavelength.

The U2 leader admitted he was living a dream because singing on such a prestigious stage would fill him with pride too his father, Robert Hewsonwho died in 2001, who loved opera and to whom he dedicated, among others, the song Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own.

The dress code of the evening

“Come as you aren’t”, writes Bono: literally, an invitation for the audience to go out as it wouldn’t usually go out. The rocker’s recommendation, in fact, is about the dress code of the evening event what he imagines formal, elegant and classy.

The singer explicitly mentions tuxedos and top hatsfor those who own them, or in any case something above the “Black tie”, therefore, for women long dresses, “pearls and tiaras” and for men formal or showy suits, in a stylistic universe that is “between Amadeus and 007” – the cinematic reference is to the 1984 Milos Forman classic and the James Bond film series.
In short, that of San Carlo will be a movie nightcertainly a night to remember, not only for the spectators but also for its protagonist, exalted by the idea of ​​performing for the public of the city which holds the record for the best European tailoring tradition.

The singer’s birthday party in Naples

In the evening Bono Vox has celebrated his birthday in a restaurant near the city’s train station and there, after having dinner in a private room, he met the fans with whom he always gladly stops for autographs and selfies. In Naples, the leader of U2 was also welcomed by the musicians of the city’s tribute band, the Poptarts, who have been playing the group’s repertoire for twenty years. The occasion was propitious to sing “Happy birthday to you”, a welcome gift from the singer who smiled and warmly thanked the Italian fans who will certainly reserve him other surprises on the eve of the historic show.
In the San Carlo Theater show, Bono will be accompanied on stage by Gemma Doherty and Kate Ellisrespectively harp and voice and acoustic guitar and voice, and by the multi-instrumentalist Jacknife Lee. As is well known, the evening will unfold by alternating the reading of extracts from the biographical book with musical moments in which Bono will perform singing selected songs from the Irish band’s repertoire played in an acoustic version.