Bono Vox of U2 in Naples, everything there is to know about the concert at the San Carlo

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Bono Voxknown frontman of U2, will perform at Naples tomorrow night, Saturday 13 May, at the Teatro San Carlo, for an event full of music, history and even a few surprises. Bono Vox, who also performed at the Beacon Theater in New York from 16 to 19 April, will be joined on stage at the San Carlo by Kate Ellis, as singer and guitarist, Gemma Doherty, as harpist and vocalist and finally by Jacknife Lee, as director and multi-instrumentalist.

Naples, an appointment of the heart for Bono Vox

The one in Naples is theonly Italian appointment of the European tour Songs of Surrenderduring which Bono Vox will also take the opportunity to present his next artistic project which includes both an album and a book, entitled Stories of Surrender book tours. Bono will therefore bring to Naples a show that he will alternate songs with some stories of his life, which influenced his long career. But if Naples is the only Italian city touched by Bono Vox’s European tour, it is certainly no coincidence: the great Irish artist strongly desired Naples as an Italian stop on his tour, an organization made possible thanks to the help of the staff by the Minister of Culture Gennaro Sangiuliano. The Teatro San Carlo in Naples, the quintessential place of Neapolitan culture, was founded in 1737 and is the oldest continuously active opera house in the world, as well as a UNESCO heritage site. And these are precisely the reasons for choosing Bono Vox: performing at the Teatro San Carlo has a sentimental value, as a tribute dedicated to the father, tenor and lover of the Opera. In the letter that Bono Vox has personally distributed to his fans, he writes as follows: «Dear friends… Saturday night I will end my tour of Songs of Surrender with a show at the Teatro San Carlo. This means a lot to me. I’m trying to live a dream, actually a series of dreams. The dream of all opera singers (and I’m not), a dream of mine, and above all a dream to honor my late father, Brendan Robert Hewson, who was a fine tenor.”

A Naples in celebration, but with a jacket and tie

Bono Vox’s visit to Naples coincides with the recent victory of the third championship of the Neapolitan football team, an achievement that will make the frontman of U2 a Naples in celebration, even more special than what you already don’t expect. Since the concert at the Teatro San Carlo will also be filmed for the subsequent production of a film, Bono Vox himself asked for a particular dress code to the spectators who will be present: «We are making a film about this dream and I would like to ask for your help to bring this fantasy to life. I invite you, the best dressed Europeans, to step out in style and dress up for our night at the opera. Formal attire if you have it. Black tie, if you can tie it. Pearls and tiaras are welcome. Evening dress. Dark suits, somewhere between Amadeus and 007».

But in the end, Bono still leaves a door open for even the rockiest souls: «Anyway, in the end, do as you like. If you only have a black shirt that’s fine. But if you have a top hat and tails in your closet, he considers pulling them out. This is going to be a great night. Come as you are not. See you on Saturday”.