Bonus tv 2022, free decoder for retirees: how it works

Poste Italiane will take care of the delivery

With the renewed TV bonus for 2022, Poste Italiane will deliver to citizens over the age of 70 and holders of a pension of up to 20,000 euros per year a decoder for an amount not exceeding 30 euros, as required by the maxi amendment to the Budget Law presented Friday in the Senate by the government.

The executive has allocated 68 million euros to renew the fund created to support the population in the transition to the new methods of broadcasting the television signal that will come into effect definitively in January 2023, when the channels will only be visible to those who own an HD or a decoder.

Citizens who are entitled to access this additional facility will be informed by means of a letter from the Italian Post Office that they will be able to request and receive a decoder directly at home without having to go and buy it. Those who want to take advantage of this opportunity will be able to arrange a telephone appointment with the company or through the post office or through a dedicated platform to fix a day on which the postman will deliver the decoder at home. Furthermore, citizens who adhere to the measure will receive telephone assistance from Poste Italiane to install the new device.

Poste Italiane, which has already supported the government in support operations for the weakest and most needy segments of the population, such as the home delivery of pensions, has signed an agreement with the Ministry of Economic Development by providing the capillarity of its network made up of almost 13,000 post offices and over 30,000 postmen, to support the country in the technological transition and help bridge the digital divide between generations.