Book Vannacci, Crosetto: “No preventive punishment, only sense of the State”

“Too many people are making free-wheeling comments left and right without knowing the real terms of the matter”

“I discover, in recent days, that with regard to the case that has opened on the self-produced book written by General Roberto Vannacci, ‘The world upside down’, too many people are releasing, left and right, freewheeling comments, without knowing the real terms of the question”. Thus, in a note, the defense minister, Guido Crosetto. “I do not mention the various, self-styled authoritative commentators to whom I address these words because their moral and intellectual inadequacy does not deserve ad personam quotations. I limit myself to pointing out that it has nothing to do with the concepts of ‘politically incorrect’ or ‘politically correct’, because I have always been, throughout my personal, intellectual and political life, ‘politically incorrect’. In this story we are talking about a soldier who is subject to clear rules, such as keeping strictly confidential what he does on duty. Another concept that I take the liberty of defining as ‘institutionally correct’ and which has nothing to do with the ideas and beliefs of people, whether military or not”, Crosetto affirms.

“That said, I also want to reiterate that no one, least of all General Vannacci, has been ‘punished’ or sacrificed. As I have always done, in all phases of my life and, even more so, in my activity as defense minister, I am and I remain a guarantor, faithful to the laws and to the Constitution. That is why, precisely on the basis of this principle, I asked for the verification of the facts to begin, as per practice. General Vannacci will be able – underlines Crosetto – in the appropriate fora, to express his only at the end of the appropriate internal checks, which will be conducted with seriousness and scruple, and not on the emotional wave of the moment and the controversies of these days, where serious and valid disputes are identified, pursuant to the Code of the Order military, the disciplinary procedures foreseen in the law will be initiated”.

“Therefore, as can be seen, no preventive ‘punishment’ and no desire for ‘justiciarism’, on the part of the Dicastery or the Minister, but, as always, respect for the rules which also entails respecting the guarantees for all the soldiers towards whom disciplinary investigations have been initiated.As regards, lastly, the alternation of General Vannacci’s post at the head of the Military Geographical Institute of Florence with another of his equal rank, it was an autonomous choice made by the Head of General Staff of the Italian Army, as an act to protect the Armed Forces itself and also the General of Division Vannacci, who ended up too overexposed by the story”, continues Crosetto.

“In conclusion, I allow myself to regret what I find really dramatic and that is that, especially those who define themselves as ‘right’ and fill their mouths with the concepts of Homeland, Honor, Tradition and National Pride, demonstrate that they do not know, or really know little, what it means to have a sense of the State, of the Institutions, respect for the Italian laws and the Republican Constitution.From this point of view, being or not being ‘politically incorrect’ has nothing to do with it, as well as being or not be ‘flattened’ to and/or with the dominant ‘single thought’ I want to reassure all my critics, especially those on the ‘right’: I manage to do both things well together, respect the laws and the ‘flattened’ to any ‘single thought’. But, at least for me, the state and the institutions come before everything”, concludes the defense minister.