Books, ‘Circular Economy Manager’ by Andrea Geremicca and Nicola Tagliafierro is released

The ecological transition underway is not only an ethical or moral issue, it is also a huge business opportunity. To grasp it, a new professional figure must emerge: the Circular Economy Manager. With the aim of outlining what for many is ‘the job of the future’ and recounting the experience of those who have already carried out this activity in the company, Andrea Geremicca and Nicola Tagliafierro wrote ‘Circular economy manager. Birth of a profession that will change the rules‘ (Hoepli, 2023), to be released on March 31st in all physical and online bookstores, in paper and digital versions (with a preface by Francesco Starace).

The authors, with complementary training and skills, have been dealing with the circular economy for years: Andrew Jeremicca is director general of the European Institute of Innovation for Sustainability (Eiis), Nicholas TagliafierroCircular Economy Manager until 2020, is currently Global Sustainability Director of Enel X.

Together they collected the five models at the basis of the circular economy, defining the scope of activity within which the managerial resources involved operate and demonstrating that technical skills alone are not enough. They also identify the ten skills of Cem, divided into four levels: fundamental skills, method, attitude and communication.

In support of their analysis, the concrete experiences of the first Circular Economy Managers of international companies are reported, including BMW, Bosch, Cisco, Enel X and Tetra Pak, interviewed for the occasion.

So thanks to real business examplesexperience gained in the field and solid training in the field of sustainability, Geremicca and Tagliafierro explain in this book how to redesign products, services and processes to embrace the circular economy, and which skills to build or improve so that business organizations, already today, they can really seize all market opportunities and acquire a competitive advantage.