Boosta, the Post Piano Session Tour starts today from Turin

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Today, Friday 14 October, starts from Turin, his hometown, Davide “BOOSTA” Dileo’s tour – co-founder and keyboardist of SUBSONICA as well as producer, author, composer and DJ. Davide will be on tour in the main Italian clubs to present live “POST PLAN SESSION”, His new solo recording project. After “THE SMART ROOM” And “EASY“, Davide “BOOSTA” Dileo returns with a recording project divided into six chapters, out between September and December. The first and second of the six EPs “POST PIANO SESSION – Tape 1” And “POST PIANO SESSION – Tape 2“Are already available digitally ( |

Tickets for the first dates of the tour produced by Kashmir are available on presale on

This is the calendar, constantly updated:

– 14 October – Juvarra Theater – TURIN

– November 6 – Biko – MILAN

– November 8 – Locomotiv Club – BOLOGNA

– November 18 – Capitol – PORDENONE

– November 20 – Monk – ROME

POST PLAN SESSION – tells Boosta – is an electronic and piano concept, evocative and romantic, with inserts of energy and optimism, the result of a desired and brooded freedom. This is the time to celebrate this freedom, even that of an artist from his own codes. It becomes a need, first of all, and a duty immediately after. Because freedom, in any sphere, is a loaned asset if we do not metabolize it and defend it “. The entire recording project “POST PLAN SESSION“Is out for the TURIN RECORDING CLUBa newborn label by Boosta himself who states in this regard: «The Torino Recording Club is a musical atelier. A workshop where music is the tool I use to repair and (re) put into operation everything I need to face this second half of life ».

In “POST PIANO SESSION“Free instrumental compositions travel that start from the piano and end up in the electronics, passing through fully contemporary suggestions. Each of these suites is part of a concept album initially conceived as a single work, then divided into single Ep, and marks the return of Boosta to electronics: if “EASY“Was a declaration of love for instrumental music, soundtracks and pure contemporary classic, the”POST PLAN SESSION”, Lead to a more inclusive vision of the musical genre of which Davide is one of the most significant representatives of the Italian music scene. “This record is, quite simply, an instrument. The soundtrack of the thoughts of those who listen to it ” Boosta comments.