Bordoni elected regional secretary of the Lazio League, green light for Salvini’s sole candidate

Davide Bordoni he was elected regional secretary of the League in Lazio. This was decided by the regional congress of the party led by Matteo Salvini, meeting at the Hotel Ergife in Rome. Bordoni was the name on which it was decided to converge, the unified candidate of the party.

50 years to go tomorrow, born in 1973, Davide Bordoni, graduated in Sociology at Sapienza University, is the new regional secretary of the League, after the unanimous vote of the party led by Matteo Salvini, gathered at the Ergife in Rome. Already a consultant to the Northern League leader at MIT, as ‘expert for relations with local authorities’ Bordoni was chosen to relaunch the party in Lazio, after having been regional commissioner of the party and Capitoline councillor.

For years involved in the capital, with Berlusconi as municipal councilor and then president of the former XIII municipality (the youngest municipal president of Rome) at the time of Veltroni as mayor, until the Department of Productive Activities in the Alemanno council, in 2008.

His journey within the League began in 2020 when he became co-founder of the Lega-Salvini Premier advisory group in the Campidoglio. In 2021, he was entrusted with the role of regional coordinator of the party’s Trade Department. In 2022, he was elected secretary of the League in Rome. While last June he was appointed regional commissioner of the party by Matteo Salvini, taking over from the senator of Latina, Claudio Durigon, who in the meantime had entered the government as undersecretary of labour. Bordoni, who most recently held the role of secretary of the Chamber within the Capitoline Assembly, is considered to have a profound knowledge of the municipal administrative machinery and of Rome in general.