Borghezio, EU Parliament denies immunity: he will be tried for litigation on the train

The story dates back to about 10 years ago. Former MEP: “An absurd thing”

No immunity to the former Lega MEP, Mario Borghezio, by the European Parliament. This is what was established by secret ballot last Monday in Brussels the legal commission, which does not thus oppose the request of the court of Imperia, which asks to try Borghezio for a dispute with a Russian train official, in transit in Liguria, where the Northern League had gone up without a ticket. A story of about ten years ago, which now sees the European Parliament deny the ‘shield’ to Borghezio, which he asked for as he claimed to have boarded that train, to reach Nice and then the European offices in order to carry out his mandate.

“It is absurd, I had asked on principle that the request to proceed against me be blocked”. Asked by AdnKronos, the former MEP of the League does not hide his regret. Borghezio reconstructs the story “when I was prevented in Ventimiglia from reaching Nice, to take the connection to get to Strasbourg and Brussels, about ten years ago”.

“I – he says – arrived late on the train that left from Ventimiglia, then my escort, the carabinieri, told me that there was the possibility of getting on another train, arriving from Russia and would stop in Nice” . “They were the ones who made me get on platform seven on that car, ma when I showed my MEP card I was brutally attacked by a Russian official, who refused to hear reasons, making me get off in Menton“.” I – he still remembers – I wanted to reach my workplace, now I will be heard by the judges of ImperiaI will ask them to hear from the carabinieri who were escorting me, it was they who made me get on the Russian train “.