Borgonovo: “Me gay? The private is my business, you measure yourself with my opinions’

The journalist replies after the social indignation for a tweet about him: “There are much more important issues than what I do in my dining room”

He begins by saying that he would prefer “that we talk about something else, because I think there are much more important issues than what I would or would do in my dining room”, then, with his usual calm clarity, he articulates: “My opinions are public, and whoever doesn’t shares them can be measured on those. My private is, in fact, my business“. As Francesco Borgonovajournalist and deputy director of ‘La Verità’, responded to Adnkronos by speaking on the social case which in these hours has involved him – against his will -, unleashing indignation and hundreds of comments.

The story arose from a tweet from the writer Massimiliano Parente who, on Twitter, brought up Borgonovo for no apparent reason. “I want to tell you a little story. It’s called ‘Save the soldier Borgonovo’ -Parente wrote- It began about fifteen years ago, when I was collaborating with Libero. Francesco Borgonovo was among the editors of culture. We became friends, we went out to drink, until he confided in me his homosexualityand also the happiness found with a partner”. The tweet does not stop at this, but attacks the reporter for his ideas: “(…) Then he switched to La Verità, and over time he has embraced every anti-scientific, anti-Western thesis , pro-Putinian, no vax, against gay families, against all individual liberalism”, writes Parente. A sudden and unsolicited ‘outing’, which could also configure the extremes of the crime of defamation, since there is already at least one precedent in which the Court of Cassation (judgment of 24 July 2012 n. 30369, which established that “in revealing the homosexuality of others in a newspaper, one is liable for defamation”).

The tweet surprised usersunleashing a media outpouring of comments from which it transpires in the vast majority of cases solidarity, indignation and anger. Among these also that of the president of the Senate Ignatius LaRussa: “I’m zero interested in the sleazy attempt to hit Francesco Borgonovo who doesn’t have to give an account of his life to anyone – La Russa wrote on Twitter – My fraternal embrace and my sincere esteem to him”. An indignation that the journalist however does not ride, showing himself to be very firm and serene: “My opinions, in any case, always remain the same, I don’t see why they should change or be invalidated. And they are not neither racist nor Nazi nor homophobic: anyone who takes the trouble to examine them can easily see this. This is it”, he says to Adnkronos Borgonovo.