Boris Johnson, praise to Peppa Pig and the comparison with Moses

Bewilderment among entrepreneurs over the speech at the ‘British Confindustria’: the premier also imitated the roar of an engine and lost the thread

The British premier Boris Johnson created a certain bewilderment among entrepreneurs with a speech in which he praised Peppa Pig today, compared himself to Moses, imitated the roar of an engine and at a certain moment lost the thread of words., apologizing to the assembly as he searched his papers for where he was left.

“Yesterday I went, as everyone should, to Peppa Pig World. Hands up whoever was there,” Johnson said speaking to the front. at the annual conference of the British Confindustria, in a speech that was to focus on the economic development of the north east of England and the green economy. Returning from a weekend with his wife Carrie and son Wilf at the amusement park inspired by the famous animated catone for children, Johnson used Peppa Pig to praise the creativity of the private sector. “Peppa Pig world is just my kind of place. Safe streets, disciplined schools, an emphasis on mass transit,” he said, but complained that “Papa Pig is a bit stereotypical.”

In addition to the cartoon reference, Johnson also mimicked the roar of an engine to make it clear that electric cars are quiet “but turn on the lights faster than a Ferrari.” There was no lack of comparison with Moses: my ten points for the Green economy “are a decalogue that I produced a year ago when I arrived from Sinai”, he affirmed.or.

The ‘Peppa Pig speech’ was immediately targeted by the opposition. “It’s a perfect metaphor for a chaotic and incompetent government – said the Liberal Democrat leader Ed Davey -. Entrepreneurs demand clarity and Boris Johnson rambles on Peppa Pig. “While Labor said his” jokes aren’t funny. “” It was a catastrophic speech“Berger Group entrepreneur Richard Swart told the Mirror, according to which” statesman behavior is needed to help us navigate through covid, Brexit and labor shortages. ”