Born, Erdogan: “Sweden and Finland entry security risks

“Turkey wants these countries to support the counter-terrorism operations of Alliance members”

The entry of Sweden and Finland into NATO entails risks for the security of Turkey and for the future of the Alliance. This was underlined by the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in an article written exclusively for the Economist in which he warned the two Scandinavian countries and their allies to put an end to their double standards in the fight against terrorism.

“Turkey argues that the admission of Sweden and Finland poses risks to its own security and to the future of the organization. We have every right to expect those countries, which in turn expect NATO’s second largest army come to their defense under Article 5, prevent the PKK’s recruitment, fundraising and propaganda activities, which the European Union and America consider a terrorist entity, “said Erdogan.

Regarding the meeting held last week in Ankara with the representatives of Sweden and Finland, the Turkish leader explained: “We have provided clear evidence to the authorities of these countries and we expect action on their part. Turkey wants these countries to support the counter-terrorism operations of NATO members “. “Unless they take the necessary measures, Turkey will not change its position on this issue,” he added.

Turkey is relatively more in favor of Finland joining NATO than Sweden, but both countries must meet expectations, said Turkish foreign minister, Mevlut Cavusoglu, stressing that both Sweden and Finland must change their policies. their counter-terrorism laws.

Turkey is committed to countering the terrorist threat to its national security within and beyond its national borders, Cavusoglu added according to the Daily Sabah.